Degaussing Services

e-End’s degaussing services and data sanitization destroy 100% of data on hard disk drives (HDD). HDDs have platters or disks which are “written” on magnetically. To erase these magnetic impressions on the platters, a powerful magnetic field must be applied to the hard drive. If you’re looking for SSD solutions, info on that is explained further down as there is a different tecnique used for SSDs.

e-End is certified to sanitize all magnetic storage media (this does not include SSDs, different certified techniques are used) by degaussing, using one of our two degaussers that are listed on the NSA Evaluated Product List (EPL) approved equipment and process. e-End degaussing services are trusted by government, medical, financial, commercial and educational organizations.

We have the capability to position our destruction vehicles up to the client’s loading dock or building and conduct degaussing and shredding operations upon arrival. Our mobile auxiliary power unit provides the required power to our mobile destruction equipment so no power is required from the client’s facility

Data Destruction Certifications

  • Open reel tapes
  • Cartridge tapes
  • Cassette tapes
  • Floppy disks
  • Hard Disk Drives
  • Access cards (with magnetic strip)
  • Zip drives
  • and others


In the rapid growth of information technology, solid state drives (SSDs) are becoming increasingly popular in modern businesses. SSDs need to be sanitized as well, however they’re not the same as your standard HDD. If you’re looking to take care of your SATA, PCI-e or NVMe SSDs, degaussing does not work on those. SSDs do not store data magnetically and therefore they are not able to be securely sanitized via degaussing methods. We do have a solutions for this, however. Being one of the first NAID AAA companies to be certified in SSD wiping, we guarantee safe eradication of these devices through wiping, shredding and incineration – all backed by our NAID AAA certifcation. Click here to find out more.

*NOTE: To meet the NSA/CSS guidelines for the destruction of certain types of media, such as Solid State Devices (SSD) and other solid state storage systems, the media must be pulverized to 2mm particles. Media that would be required to be pulverized to 2mm, would contain data classified “For Official Use Only” and above to the highest security levels. Care must be taken for Hybrid Drives which have a combination of magnetic storage as well as solid state storage. Degaussing these hybrid drives will only remove data from the HDD platters. Data from the solid-state memory on the drive will not be eradicated. e-End has no way of knowing if media given for destruction contains classified information. You must notify us if we will be destroying classified information. Our equipment is capable of destroying all data except for media that must meet the 2mm requirement. For 2mm pulverization we use a secure partner to perform this pulverization under our close supervision.

Onsite Service - we come to you

Another reason e-End is rated so highly is because we offer onsite service. On-site service allows our customers to watch e-End’s specialized destruction at the customer’s facility. We bring our equipment in our secure vehicles directly to the location of your sensitive electronic media and perform destruction services. You are able to witness the effective unparalleled services we offer, giving you and your business the confidence and reassurance that you deserve.