Secure Data Destruction

The proliferation of data requires a strict IT protocol and finding a trusted business – specifically one who is NAID AAA, is crucial. This why we have transcended way beyond your traditional data destruction service company by being 1 of 4 companies world-wide to be NAID AAA certified in very specialized data destruction services. We provide a variety of data destruction and data sanitization methods in Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania such as hard drive degaussing and wiping, hard drive shredding and incineration for all your non-paper media. You can rest assured that all your personal and recorded data will be destroyed via strict NAID AAA protocol of proper disposal. Maryland, Rockvillle, Reston VA, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.

Our Data Destruction Certifications

Our NAID AAA Certified team of data security experts will assist you with data destruction on all non-paper media. Whether you require onsite, offsite or witnessed data destruction, e-End can meet your need for specialized destruction services.

e-End has been awarded the NAID AAA Certification from the National Association for Information Destruction for mobile and plant based data destruction. This assures clients the data on hard drives, SSDs, cell phones and other electronic media, have been properly destroyed and cannot be recovered by any means.The internationally-recognized NAID Certification Program was developed to create data destruction standards. Areas of focus include facility security, employee hiring and screening, and extensive training on the Certified Wiping, Degaussing and Shredding services.

For the destruction of electronic media we adhere to NIST data destruction requirements contained in NIST 800-88R1 and the NSA/CSS Policy Manual 9-12, STORAGE DEVICE SANITIZATION. 

How Does our Hard Drive Destruction service work?

For hard drive shredding, e-End utilizes low speed, high torque hard drive shredders for destroying media and a wide variety of material. Items that can be shredded include hard drives, solid state devices (SSD), laptops, blade servers, military equipment, cell phones and many other devices. We offer onsite mobile degaussing and shredding, with our mobile hard drive shredders and degaussers as well as shredding and degaussing at our secure facility. Our annual capacity to shred is in excess of 1 million hard drives, cell phones and other media. 

What is onsite data destruction service?

Onsite data destruction service is provided when customers require witnessed verification of hard drive and data destruciton prior to the electronic media departing their facility. This is normally desired by government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare facilities and other organizations that require a tighter chain-of-custody from a single vendor in order to reduce data security risks.

The process of onsite data destruction service: (These steps are after proposal, statement of work and job tracker are created and accepted)

  1. Team arrives onsite. Team leader meets with client to introduce team and outline sequence of job execution.
  2. Team stages equipment and supporting elements to perform work
  3. All material is staged to be processed
  • Stack: Hard disk drives and electronic media are laid out for scanning
  • Scan: Serial number of each drive is scanned
  • Spreadsheet: A printout is populated with final count and serial number of drives

4 Data sanitization and destruction is performed

  • Degaussing
  • Shredding

5 Remaining material (shredded or ash) is packed in gaylords, loaded in secure trucks and moved to final recycling disposition

6 Certificate of Witnessed Data Sanitization and Destruction is provided for reporting and auditing purposes, includes serial numbers and description of processed media.

You can choose to have the hard drives wiped and recycled, degaussed and or physically destroyed. Either way, all data is sanitized by us and cannot be recovered by any means.

e-End keeps you compliant with GLB, SOX, FACTA, FISMA, HIPAA, COPA, ITAR and other regulations by providing a Certificate of Data Destruction to our client along with serial number capture of all hard drives (if required).

End-of-Life IT Asset Vulnerability

Considering how often the phrase ‘Data Breach’ now appears in the news, businesses and organizations are rethinking how they’re securing the information they’ve been entrusted with. Most of them will spend many thousands of dollars to build a fortress-like defense to prevent the criminals from crashing the front gates and gaining access to the castle. However, most of them forget one thing, that a large part of these data breaches originate from their end-of life equipment that are stored unsecured in hallways, storage rooms and offices.

By not placing enough emphasis on destroying the hard drive’s data from end-of-life equipment, your IT department may leave the back door open for data breaches. Data sanitization is not their priority, plus it’s time taken away from other important tasks. It can take three hours or longer to wipe data on a single hard drive, if wiping. Think about the 600 man-hours, or more, if there were 200 hard drives waiting for data wiping.

Furthermore, data destruction experts will tell you that reformatting, deleting, or even drilling holes in the hard drive does not destroy data beyond all methods of forensic reconstruction.

Read “Who’s watching the back door?” by Arleen Chafitz, Owner, CEO of e-End and Steve Chafitz, President. We are proud to be a Certified Woman Owned Small Business.

By creating vulnerability for a data breach, your operation may be in violation of one of the numerous federal regulations for safeguarding personally identifiable information (PII) and other confidential information. While most people have heard of HIPAA, the acronym maze of regulations you must become familiar with includes SOX, GLB, FACTA, COPA, FISMA and ITAR.